Lisa Ruth Rand

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Video recorded presentations:

Space Junk from the Moon to the Midwest. UW Space Place, June 12 2018.
Women in Space: Reality and Fiction. Madison Women in Technology, May 25 2017.
Space Junk: Earth’s Mechanical Graveyard. Madison Women in Technology, November 30 2016.
Cleaning Up Outer Space. What's New in Aerospace, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, May 17 2016.

News articles about my research:

Lost in Space Terry Devitt, OnWisconsin, Spring 2019.
Space Trash: What Is It And Why Is It A Problem? Colleen Leahy, Wisconsin Public Radio, October 10 2017.
How Our Galactic Garbage May Come Back to Haunt Us. Becky Little, History Stories, September 2017.
Wanted: Uteruses to Populate Space Colony. Sarah Fecht, Popular Science, July 2014.
Space Junk: Lisa Ruth Rand Explores the Ecosystem of Deep Space. Blake Cole, SAS Frontiers, June 2013.

Quoted in print media:

SpaceX Missed Some Urgent Emails About a Satellite Standoff. Marina Koren, The Atlantic, September 16, 2019.
How to Find the Best Stuff in the Night Sky From Absolutely Anywhere. Jessica Leigh Hester, Atlas Obscura, June 21 2019.
What If We Gave Up on the Stars? Marina Koren, The Atlantic, June 6, 2019.
Private Companies Are Building an Exoskeleton Around Earth. Marina Koren, The Atlantic, May 24, 2019.
NASA's 60th Anniversary Puts Its History Office in the Spotlight. Meghan Bartels,, October 1, 2018.
How Space Exploration Can Teach Us to Preserve All Life on Earth. Meghan Bartels,, September 13, 2018.
The quest to conquer Earth’s space junk problem. Alexandra Witze, Nature, September 5, 2018.
Space Art Is Causing a Ruckus Among Astronomers. Marina Koren, The Atlantic, August 29, 2018.
The Curious Case of the Rogue 'SpaceBee' Satellites. Marina Koren, The Atlantic, May 17 2018.
Here Is FEMA’s Plan If the Falling Chinese Satellite Takes Aim at a US City. Ryan F. Mandelbaum, Gizmodo, March 27 2018.
China’s falling space lab is a prism for its space ambitions. Echo Huang, Quartz, March 26 2018.
Harpooning Space Junk Isn't as Crazy as It Sounds. Jessica Leigh Hester, Atlas Obscura, March 19 2018.
Thousands of SpaceX Starlink satellites could pose 'unprecedented' space junk problem. Mark Kaufman, Mashable, March 6 2018.
The Space Junk Problem Is About to Get a Whole Lot Gnarlier. Sarah Scoles, Wired, July 31 2017.

Audio appearances on radio shows and podcasts:

Space Debris: The History, Risk And Ethics Of Junk Floating Above. WORT FM, July 2 2018.
Space Roomba. Flash Forward podcast, June 19 2018.
Ep 7: Space Junk. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum AirSpace podcast, June 14 2018.
Ep 42: Space Junk, Trash on the Moon, and the Earth’s Copper Ring. SparkDialog podcast, April 17 2018.
When What Goes Up Doesn't Come Down: Space Junk. Where We Live, WNPR Connecticut Public Radio, February 20 2018.
S04 E06: Space Waste & Climate Change Governance. Earthspeak Radio, WSUM, October 17, 2017.
Galactic Garbage And Sustainable Space. The Morning Show, WPR Wisconsin Public Radio, October 10 2017.
NASA and the Explosive 1960s: A Conversation with Neil Maher. Edge Effects podcast, June 20 2017.
Out of This World: Environmental History of Near-Earth Space. Exploring Environmental History podcast, August 10 2015.
Space Junk: The Problem of Orbiting Trash. Radio Times, WHYY Philadelphia Public Radio, May 28 2014.

Film, Video, and TV appearances:

Moon Landing: One Hour that Changed the World. Pioneer Productions, July 2019.
The inconvenient truth about ‘space junk’ and why you should care. Daniel Bean, Circa, July 27 2017.
Southern Wisconsin in debris path of falling Chinese space station. ABC 27 News, Madison, Wisconsin, March 22 2018.
The inconvenient truth about ‘space junk’ and why you should care. Daniel Bean, Circa, July 27 2017.
Discussion with Nathalia Holt on Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, From Missiles to the Moon to Mars. After Words, CSPAN. April 20 2016.